Saturday, March 19, 2016


  (phone pictures, so the quality isn’t great, but it’s what I’ve got)

Connor has been wrestling at school and loves  it.   It’s hard to watch him get so frustrated when he struggles but I’m so proud of how he doesn’t quit.   Even after “getting beat up by a girl” as Maddy puts it.   He is at a disadvantage…some of these kids have been wrestling for  years.   He is getting better and he enjoys the challenge.   I took a photo of him, the dog and I this morning before we headed out.   He had a huge tournament to end the season, and I had 2 back to back cycle classes to teach!

This was from a rare, nice day a few weeks ago….you can see how tall Connor is getting. Both kids are still strignbeans, despite eating me out of house and home!    Connor will be 14 and so we signed up to do the Denver Century Ride (metric, since it’s his first big ride.)   We haven’t gotten many training rides in yet, but hopefully the weather gets nicer soon!


The kids are still crazy and fun…..still usually like each others company…even over friends.   I’m glad they haven’t started that teenage drama….

We went to one of those pottery places a few weeks ago and painted some fun things for the house. Matt’s halloween pumpkin “smirky” was a big hit, so he made a cookie jar that was smirking.   Connor and Maddy picked practical stuff….a HUGE cereal bowl and a Giant mug.   Lots of creativity there!

In January, Connor’s Scout troop went up into the mountains for a campout.  Cold and snowing all night.  They did okay up in the foothills but came home to over a foot of snow!    Note,   Connor is wearing Matt’s old Combat books.   

a windy photo from our trip to Lowry airfield museum…..


Maddy insisted that she wasn’t grown up yet.   

Despite her predilection for imagination and still being a little kid, she is enjoying working out.   As a post-braces reward, we picked out a workout top that she thought was funny.    I had to sew it smaller, but she cracks up every time she wears it.  She isn’t fond of tank tops but one gym is really warm, so she finally decided that for the gym classes, a tank top is a reasonable choice.    She is extremely proud of the fact that she is getting stronger, lifting weights and riding bikes.    She checks out her muscles on a regular basis to see if they are growing.

She was so proud of herself when she finally got to add 2.5 lbs to the bar.  We wouldn’t let her use weight till she was safe and had good form….she has since moved up to 5 lbs and is very happy about that!

Connor on the right, I didn’t realize how long legged and scrawny he was till his first meet.

There is a gentleman at one of the gyms who comes after his volleyball practice and he has been helping Maddy learn to volley/serve.   It’s become a Friday night tradition.    His pastor comes to one of my classes and says that he is great with all the kids.   I just appreciate how willing he is to help out my kid when he doesn’t need to.   She is in love with volleyball and is really excited that it’s a middle school sport.

So there you have it….some of the fun and craziness that’s going on around here

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