Tuesday, December 29, 2015

New year....new idea

So before I get started with my new year, new resolutions, I decided to write them out along with some thoughts....that way I can look back and see not only how I have changed, but my thought processes along the way

I am generally happy with my fitness level, but the last few weeks, I have been recovering from some injuries.  I still struggle with my knee and I've been going to physical therapy for about a month.   i am seeing progress, but still have pain and soreness after working out.   I don't want to risk more injuries that could cause me to lose time on fitness goals, so I'm following advice of the PT and Dr about rest and adding more exercises that will stabilize my hip and knee.   I also injured my shoulder. It's frustrating to struggle with injury that prevents me from pushing as hard as I want to go.   Yet, once again, I'm trying so  hard to be careful and prevent my shoulder from becoming worse.

That means that over Christmas, I have indulged and I'm seeing the squish start to form on my belly and my goal to stay fit needs to shift from working out to healthy eating.     I had discussed with Matt the possibility of doing another Whole 30 to reset our eating and get us back on a better track.  We are generally pretty cautious about where and when we indulge but I admit that we have gradually slacked off on sticking to a sugar reduced diet.

I was out with Val today and we felt our blood sugar start to drop....I could have gone for an overpriced salad at the mall food court, but we opted to grab some sweet potato fries and water.  It was enough to feel better and the fat/carbs did not make me feel cloudy or heavy....a reasonable portion boosted my mood and sense of well being.

Later, after the ridiculous driving around that only seems to occur in Denver, I felt my stomach growl and I didn't want to wait the 40 minutes to get home, so I dipped into a sweet treat that was gifted to us from Val.   Almost instantly, my stomach churned, my head hurt and I felt lousy.  Yet, I still WANTED to try another piece almost immediately.   I KNOW that my body does not like sugar and how it makes me feel, but the cravings for more are still strong!

Whole30 has worked in the past to help me reset the cravings and feel better. A focus on unprocessed, whole foods with NO added sugar of any kind always makes me feel better, sleep better and focus.   Sugar at night makes me crash in my sleep and wake up feeling horrible!

I'm writing this so when I question if I REALLY want to cut sugar out for 30 days, I remember why!    Also I will be focusing on adding more water back into my day.  I tend to drink lots in the summer, but I slack off when I am cold!   I know I'm slightly dehydrated.

I have been supplementing my diet with protein and BCAAs (when training) but a friend has been enthusiastically telling me how my preferred brands are not as good as her Isagenix.   So I agreed to give the 30 day plan a try.    I'm skeptical, but they assured me that it has a 100% money back guarantee.   I have a few concerns that I'm hoping to get cleared up before starting.   But I'll be giving it a full effort.

-added sugar.  Fructose is FROM natural sources but it's still added sugar.  I'm not 100% sure how this will affect me.  I tend to have a all or nothing mentality when it comes to sugar....Sometimes a small amount is still enough to throw my system out of whack.  

-The shakes are marketed as a meal replacement system.  Shake for breakfast and lunch with small snacks and a meal of 400-600 cal.   That is nowhere near what I've been shown that I need with the research (and successful efforts this last year)   Of course, I've been focused on macros and not calories.  I'm just concerned that either 1-I'll be 100% compliant and faced with a metabolism killing low calorie diet (not a good idea!) or 2-I'll modify the program to meet my macros and not be eligible for a refund if I don't like the product since I am not "compliant".  Ms. L has assured me that I should be eating more but while I agree, I'm disappointed that the marketing materials seem only focused on a LCD.....with LOTS of processed snacks and treats.   This is completely opposite from Whole30's idea of natural based, nutrient dense food, supplementing only as absolutely needed with minimally processed items (preferably no processed anything).   That is a BIG mental block.   I want to give her the best evaluation but I'm hesitant already!

-The marketing is based on "wealth creation"...marketing to friends, etc.   Simply by being willing to try the products, I was pushed to sell, recruit and attend a meeting in another state...within 48 hours. I was also signed up for a monthly subscription plan without being asked.   (They claim they did that so I could get a discounted price, but I did not hear that information when I agreed to test out the products)  As for the business side, I do admit that I asked a few friends that I trust to participate in my test so I could get a second persons opinion....keeping the 100% refund in mind!  Not one was willing to participate.

-I am also concerned with the lack of written materials.   I'm getting information via personal testimonials, phone calls, youtube videos but not much in the way of clearly written, scientific based written materials.   That seems to be a concern that is brushed aside by all enthusiastic participants as inconsequential.    I'll see if they find any specific materials that clearly outlines the plan as anything other than a low calorie diet.   They talk a lot about detoxing but I've not seen any scientific studies that demonstrate intermittent fasting while eating processed wafers will detox my body....  They also talk about how the processed food is much better than all food that we can purchase due to nutritional deficiencies in our food chain.    This IS similar to information that I have read about studies that show our food is more processed and often, less nutritionally dense than it was 50 years ago....but it does not show studies that prove this processed food is better.

I am working on learning more about macros, but based on several online calculators, I came up with the following. I am so not sure of what to use!  Whole 30 encourages us NOT to count, but I think that a short term tracking could help me ensure I'm balancing my nutrients....While I reset in Jan, I'll be watching my macros so I can get a better idea of where I am....and decide what I will be doing in Feb and beyond.

option 1 via healthyeater.com (simple calculator, not many options)

Very Active: Any activity that burns more than about 650 calories for females 


Sedentary-base level, no additional exercise.



Based on whataremymacros.com, 1.25 gr protein per lb of lean mass, .4 gr fat per lb of lean mass and carbs from remainder (from TDEE) and an 25% deficit of TDEE to cut. (based on 120 min of moderate exercise)

                          CARBS   PROTEIN   FAT       FIBER    CALORIES
GRAMS per day   279.7      154.7        49.5      33 - 41        2183

TDEE 2274

Cut (0/-875)

Training Day Macros (TDEE)
Fat (g)Protein (g)Remaining (kcal)

Rest Day Macros (TDEE-875kcal)
Fat (g)Protein (g)Remaining (kcal)

based on 1 g protein per lb, 30% 35%-35% protein/fat/carbs

Basal Metabolic rate 1445

TDDD 2457
Fibre requirement 29 g 
daily calorie 2211

PROTIEN 30% 663 cal/166 gr/41 per meal (of 4 average)
FAT 35%, 774 cal/86 gr/21 gr per meal (of 4 average)
CARBS 35% 774 Cal/193 gr/48 gr per meal (of 4 average)

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