Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maddy's Birthday Quiz

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In May, I interviewed Connor on his birthday and I planned on doing the same for Madeline, but I was a bit busy and I almost forgot!   Better Late than Never!

Best part of being 7?
I'm older.

Favorite number?
6, but for favorite grade, that is definetely 1st grade!

Favorite Color?

Favorite Food?
Are you going to do desert?  Well, pizza and for desesrt ever is ...well, it has a lot of things to add.   It's called the Best Desert Ever.  There's mint and golden grahms and dark chocolate and milk chocolate and no peanut butter, and wheat thins, chocolate cookie mix, white chocolate chips and a lot more things to it.

Favorite thing to do outside?
Lie in the Hammock and read a book

Favorite thing to do inside?
Arts and Crafts

Favorite Breakfast food?
Golden Grahms

Favorite Restaurant?
PF Changs

Favorite Shape?
heart (and she demos with her cute little self) "A heart stands for love"

Favorite TV Show?
Dr Who 

Favorite Drink?
Strawberry Milk

Favorite Desert?
See best Desert Ever

Favorite Game?

Favorite thing to do at home?
arts and crafts

Favorite Book?
the Dragons of Ordinary Farm

Favorite Movie?
Videos of our family...all about me!

Best Friend?

What makes you happiest?
Hanging out with Mommy and Daddy

What makes you sad?
When someone says an insult about Biggie Bear

What makes you excited?
When I go to Grandma and Grandpa's house

Favorite place?

Favorite Animal?
a Bear, a polar bear.

Tell me the 5 best things about you.
1-I like my blue eyes.

2-I like that I'm small.

3-I like to draw.


5-I'm a big fan of Christmas

Favorite Memory
I fell asleep standing up.  I know I don't really remember that but you told me about it so I remember that.

Favorite Memory take 2
I don't know.

If you could tell me two foods to never EVER serve again, what would they be?
lettuce and tomatoes...if I could.

If a genie would give you just one wish what would you pick and why?   I would pick health and strength in our family, because I like my family.

There you have it.   The world according to a 44 inch tall, 42 lb,  7 year old girl with frously hair.

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