Saturday, October 24, 2009

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So I'm relaxing on the patio at our fantastic resort. I admit that I was a bit worried when we drove past a bunch of older run down motels but then we turned a corner and found this gated area filled with small brightly painted yellow cottages. They are actually upstairs and downstairs units. Kitchen dining livingroom and bedroom. Heck, the bathroom is bigger than BOTH of our bathrooms at home, put together!

The food I packed stayed frozen thanks to the dry ice. So we have food to eat and can relax.

The kids are running around under trees drapped in Spanish moss while they find geckos and look for cool sticks. Matts taking a nap since he drove the whole way.

There is a car show nearby that we might go check out tonight. But overall this has been a great result!

Last nights hotel (quality suites) was neither quality nor an actual suite. The while point of a suite is to have privacy! That was very disappointing but today is looking way up!

I am so happy to have Matt home! The kids are just so happy to be able to run up and hug him at random points throughout the day. Tomorrow will be fun to see how excited they are as we visit the magic kingdom! They watched a few Disney movies in the car. Maddie was singing along with her Tinkerbelle movie. I'm almost more excited than they are!
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  1. This is so freakin cool! I can live vicariously through you while you update via technowledgly! (spelling???) Give mickey a hug for me :)


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