Saturday, December 13, 2008

Gratitude followed by a healthy dose of insanity.

While this week has been a tiny, itty bit stressful due to being sick, kids being sick and my computer crashing at the worst possible time, I have been blessed a great deal.

I had a friend save me when Connor's school called-she dealt with issues so I could finish a photoshoot.  More on this topic later...after I'm done stressing about it.

I had a great, smart, talented guy fix my computer.  (he swears he just turned it on) He also set up the new fancy, shiny computer that I'm typing this on.

I have Photoshop CS4.  Yeah, 4 baby.  But it's scary.  It looks different and I'm in a groove.  But I have my old computer, so I can wimp out if I am running behind on time.  I do hope to get it mastered and learn all the fun new stuff quickly.

i'm thinking about singing up for Phaunt U in the spring.  I may spring for it now so I can write it off for this year.....hmmmm.

My greatest thanks go out to Gina and Kathy G.  These 2 women were AWESOME and made the ward party much less stressful.  Gina was my battle buddy and Kathy swept in when we started to panic and just helped out and made it all look so easy.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Thanks also should be said to Bro. L who made Santa a great experience for a bunch of kids.   Sarah and Karyl who threw themselves in front of a chattering crowd and did a great job entertaining people.  (At least THEY didn't fall off the stage.)   Janice and co.  I never got the chance to say thanks to all ya' THANKS!  I didn't even see what you were doing becuase I was doing my best impression of a chicken with her head cut off!  The kids looked pleased so it must have been great.  I do need to get with you later on all that. 

And if ya'll didn't see the cute snowmen, well, you missed out on another Wetherson miracle.  They (she recruited the kids) made some awesome snowmen.   Matt pointed out that they are the deadliest decorations he's seen at a party....fortunately, nobody tried to play catch with the brick snowmen!

And thanks to the Bishop for being cool when we committed larceny.  He accepted our plea of innocence and didn't pick on me at all.  (I would have!  But he's cool.)

So there you have it.  A week of insanity.

And next week, my week of NOTHING....will be insane too.

I teach primary, feed the missionaries, go with them on a teaching apt on Sunday.

Work and clean like mad to get the house ready for preschool on Monday (what will we do for snack?!!?!)

Do massages and process pictures on Tuesday.

Finish up Christmas Shopping and wrap.

Oh, yeah.  Bills.

Gymnastics, Dance, School Presentations, Cook dinner and do laundry at some point.

Move all my programs and files to the new computer

And enjoy the holiday.

Oh wait.  Mail Julia's gift.  Make something for all my friends.  Write Christmas cards and mail them.  Wrap and send the cards and gifts.

Go to the dentist.

then relax.

Oh yeah, Becky mentioned a girl's night out.  (I may need it by then!)

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