Thursday, September 11, 2008

Got to keep it fast

I'm supposed to be cleaning to get ready for my friend's visit tomorrow.....I'm so excited, but that's another post.

So I set a timer and I have 3 min and 40 sec to write this. Then back to work.

At Connor's school, I was given a book at the volunteer orientation. It's by Barbara Coloroso called Giving your Child the Gift of Inner Dicipline-Kids are Worth it!

I'm really enjoying this book and I'm recommending it to anyone who doesn't like the overly technical parenting books.. This is written in a common sense manner with logical, insightful points.

I've always felt that if you dont' HAVE to say no, then say yes as often as possible. Matt's always felt that kids should be treated with respect as a person. She hits on both these ideas in her book and I like how she phrases it.

i will have to finish later.......

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