Monday, September 15, 2008


Monday morning progress report.

I did go to the gym, even if it was just for 20 min on the stairclimber. I should get points for that right? I figure even a short workout means that I WENT to the gym. And I confess, I wimped out after 17 1/2 min. I haven't done a stairclimber in years! Actually, I think that was my exercise of choice in 1999...while deployed to Bosnia. Yikes! That has been a long time!

I did clean the house....I didn't mop yet or clean the computer disaster area. I have to face my lack of organization and track my workflow/tithing/taxes/bills better. My current method of dumping everything on my desk to deal with later isn't working well at all.

I decided that my goal of decluttering this week would be to look for things to THROW away, not just give away. I started with 4 broken toys in the backyard and the lid to the toybox (Even Rubbermaid can't resist the Texas heat and sun) I also threw a bunch of stuff in the garage away...but I just couldn't get rid of the box of Fisher Price toys yet. I may have another baby and Little People are just cool for kids. So it was relegated to the scary attic where I won't have to see it for a while. But I can see the garage floor! Well, parts of it anyway.

Anyone good at organizing? I'll trade free massages, one hour for one hour. Any takers?

This week will be fun, I'm volunteering at the school for the PTO on Tuesday and then making these awesome paper things in Connor's class.... I have only one photoshoot this week so hopefully I can get caught up on all the sessions....and have time to clean my house!

Maddy and I are still working hard on reading skills and we have been pretty consistant at reading time every day. Anyone have good suggestions on reading games?


  1. Dana, I organize. I would love to trade. I could help any day while Brit is in school.

  2. Woo Hoo! You are on! Anyone else have trade-able skills?


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