Monday, December 12, 2016

12 year old girl late interview

Once again I forgot to do Maddy's birthday interview but it's better late than never!

Best part of being 12?
I get to go to the temple.

Goals for this year
I'd like to be able to get all As all year long.  Becuase it means I really understand it, not just because of the grade but because I really understand it.

Favorite number?
7. It's a good all around number

Favorite Color?
purple and yellow

Favorite Food?

Favorite thing to do outside?
I like playing with Connor when he lets me.

Favorite thing to do inside?

Favorite Breakfast food?
Pancakes. Connor's Secret Ingredient Pancakes

Favorite Restaurant?

Favorite Shape?
An oval...its nicer than a hard rectangle.

Favorite TV Show?
Mythbusters but Dr Who is a close second.

Favorite Drink?
Ginger Beer

Favorite Desert?
Peach Cobbler

Favorite Game?

Favorite thing to do at home?
Hanging out with friends and mine crafting

Favorite Book?
Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Favorite Movie?
uuuummm. I liked Alice throught the looking glass.

Best Friend?
Megan and all of my friends

What makes you happiest?
hugging my mommy and daddy and esme

What makes you sad?
When other people are sad.   

What makes you excited?
That's a good question.

Best Surprise?
The best surprise I had was.....Mythbuster. Hugging Adam Savage. 

Favorite place?

Favorite Animal?

Favorite Holiday?
Christmas and Thanksgiving mixed.  I like food.

Tell me the 5 best things about you.
1-I am a nice person
2-I like hanging out with friends and family.
3-I try to be responsible .
4-I like to learn
5-I like to cuddle.

Favorite Memory
there are a lot. I liked seeing the Transiberian Orchestra.  I know we don't get a lot of presents at Christmas but I like when I get a little present. I liked it when we first got Esme and I was a little nervous becuase she was nervous.

If you could tell me two foods to never EVER serve again, what would they be?
Brussel sprouts and mushy carrots in potroast

If a genie would give you just one wish what would you pick and why?   I would pick enough money to be comfortable. Not real rich because I don't want to be a snob but enough for me and my mommy and daddy to be comfortable.

There you have it.   The world according to a 59 inch tall, 75 lb,  12 year old girl with messy, unbrushed hair and cute glasses.

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