Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th! Free To Ride.

My morning ride to Bisbee....
47.3 mi 03:40 12.9mph pace
I won't lie....going out was killing me. I felt like I was moving in slow motion through soup! It may have to do with leaving later and hitting more heat and the higher humidity-it was raining at 5 am when I planned on leaving. My phone was messing up my playlist too....I'd be listening to some motivating music and then suddenly a book on tape would start....NOT motivating.
The ride out was more uphill than I expected. I had planned on a short 20 ish mile ride today and as things turned out, I decided to take it a bit more. I wasn't prepared though. I wasn't hydrated yesterday and I didn't bring any food with me and only had about 48 oz of water on hand.
I got to the range and called Matt to see if he would pick me up in Bisbee because I was closer there than home. However, at the 80/90 junction, I stopped to finish my water and stare at the road as it swooped over and around the mountain. Suddenly, 9 miles to Bisbee was not nearly as easy as I thought it would be.
A crowd of firefighters showed up and debated the merits of turning around or continuing on. The moaning and groaning and tales of a steady, 9 mile climb (8-9% grade!!!) freaked me out. I tried in vain to psych myself up for it, but ended up deciding that 20+ miles home was better than 9 miles up that hill.
The guys were fast but somehow that motivated me. I fixed my playlist and charged on. I managed to keep up with them all the way back to Sierra Vista...ROCK ON! They were pretty cool and offered me ice cold gaterade at the station. I managed to finish another 48 oz in the 10 miles home from the station.
I think I'll have to look into joining a group for a long ride. I'm realizing that I can do 50 ish miles but if I'm going to get to a century, I'll need to train with some other people.....or find a route that's flat!
I'm not sure on the exact time for this ride....I did stop at mile 5 to say hi to some people at church (4th of July breakfast) but I forgot to charge my garmin so I'm not sure what my actual time was...I may have been a tad faster than this....
I'm really enjoying my rides and I'd love to do a 100 mile ride one day but after seeing this hill, THAT is my new goal!   The hill and back!

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