Thursday, April 14, 2011

Insomnia doesn't have to be a bad thing.....

So I can't sleep.   In bed, wide awake.   My yesterday and tomorrow play through my head like a movie.    Not a movie,  not dreaming, just awake...sigh, roll over.  

Matt would snore.  Roll the other way.

Finally I looked at the clock.   2 am.   Roll over.

The movie starts again.

I go through relaxation techniques, but then realize there is a soundtrack playing....and it's not relaxing music.   The to-do list starts again.

I roll to the other side.

Was that something at our door?  Is a kid coming in?  I sit up.

"It's 2 am! Dana, what are you doing?" Groans my husband.

I lay down.
Another few minutes goes by and I realize that this is pointless.  I don't know if I'm hungry, wired, worried,  or just plain out-of-sync with my circadian rhythm tonight. So I get up and try to get dressed quietly in the dark.

I'm glad I cleaned my room.  I can actually do this pretty quietly....or so I thought.  Poor Matt thought that it was because he was snoring.   So I go back to bed and cuddle.

He starts to snore.  I'm still awake.
So I get up.

This isn't such a bad thing.   I'm not groggy.  I'm WIDE AWAKE.   The house is sort of clean.  I'm not feeling a crazy urge to mop the floor at 2 am.  Even though, it could use it....and laundry needs to be done.

But there is this window with Chocolate Orange Bread from Joy the Baker that has been open on my computer for 2 weeks now.  It's a yeast bread, so I usually think that I don't have time or it will be a mess.

I have time now.  Time to bake and to clean up.  Nobody calling on the phone, no errands, no kids looking for food...just me.

So I made the Chocolate Orange Bread (Note to self-buy more oranges!) and cleaned up.   The bread is a yeast recipe so I have an hour.  Hmmmm.   I still have a grapefruit in the fridge.

Grapefruit Honey Yogurt Scones!  Perfect!  Quick, easy and soooooo goood.

I cleaned up.

Hmmmm.   Maybe something else?   An Almond Pound cake....perfect!  All the fresh strawberries can become a trifle!  Strawberry Almond Trifle for desert tonight.

It's not even 4 am and I have scones cooling on the counter, Almond Pound cake in the oven, Chocolate Bread (for my Jewelry party this morning) on it's final rise, a clean kitchen (I ran the dishwasher too!) and a blog ready to print.

Nope.  Insomnia isn't such a bad thing!

And I think I'll start a load of laundry and work on some pictures for a client......since I'm awake!


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