Monday, February 7, 2011

Funny at 6 but inappropriate at 16....

I am so proud of Matt. 

Maddy neglected to put a tshirt on under her Jujisu gi and Matt told her that she needed to wear one. 

She eyeballed him and said, "Well Connor doesn't wear one." 

When Matt paused, she asked, "Is it because of boobs?"

He just about freaked out but calmly said, "Yes, Maddy. It's because of boobs."

Maddy pointed out, "But I don't have one." (Yes, she said "one")

He explained about dressing modestly even if you don't have a boob.

I love these conversations....

And later...Maddy just came to tell me the story and why she needs to be modest.  She then unzipped her footie jammies and flashed me to demonstrate how she really doesn't have boobs yet. 

Once again, an example of "funny at 6 but completely inappopriate at 16"...



  1. Hahaha, that's awesome. Gotta love those little moments. ;)

  2. don't ya just love kids and their perspectives?!! :)


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