Friday, October 8, 2010

Arizona DOES have green grass and water!

I struggled when I moved to Texas. I grew up in Michigan with 4 seasons, green grass, water, (and way too much snow) but Texas seemed dry and hot and had shrubs with big egos, not real trees.

I was sure that Arizona, being a desert wouldn't be very pretty. I was a bit disappointed when it was dry, hot and brown. But Monsoons can change things! Plus with time, this place has grown on me. I love seeing the mountains!

I found a creek that is perfect for pictures and took the kids out to play in the water. Enjoy!

I love how the kids love each other!

Climbing the "waterfall"
2010Aug21_7792 2010Aug21_7789

2010Aug21_7846 2010Aug21_7857





This area was under a bridge and it reflected the greens into the water....I love it!

Notice Maddy's pink underwear? She has a surfer swimsuit with a t-shirt and polka-dotted bottoms. She decided that she has to wear underwear with regular clothes, so she must need swim panties too!


Connor examining tracks to determine if they are bear tracks or wolverine tracks. (I'm betting it's neither!)


Maddy and Connor have some friends that they love to play with. Typically Ana will play with Maddy at our house and Connor will go to Ryan's and they will play in the fields and woods behind his house. Then we swap back later on. That means I have lots of pictures of the girls....but very few of the boys!



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  1. Awesome pics. Still haven't found that spot, but you'd have fun up Huachuca Canyon too! If you drive up about 2 minutes, there are tons of picnic areas, some park equipment, and a little stream to play in. Tons of huge trees. It's really beautiful! (and sooo close!)


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