Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photowalk in Bisbe, Arizona

 wanted to go on the I heart Faces photowalk in Bisbee Arizona, but I didn't get registered before the spots filled up. Not to fear! My trusty neighbor, Patty and I headed out the door to Bisbee and went on our own mini-photo walk!

Here is Patty with her brand spankin' new Nikon d80.

Bisbee was a cool place to visit and walk around....although it is blessed with a LOT of hills and stairs! It was not very crowded at all for a Saturday. Turns out that since the summer is so hot, many shops close up for the summer and everything dies down. I am looking forward to visiting again. There are TONS of amazing places for pictures and lots of interesting shops to browse through.

And even though it was starting to get hot (very hot!), there were still flowers and greenery to be found. Admitedly, most of it was blooming cacti, but there were some Jasmine blooms that just smelled fantastic!

A bee was enjoying the blooms!


I'm still a sunflare junkie...I didn't realized that this was a "peace" flag till the wind picked up, but I still love this.

And before I forget...the hills were everywhere. This was the last big hill....we finally made it to the top and I had to document our progress. The extra altitude made sure that we got our exercise in for the day!

Patty and I met some interesting people. This guy was working in Peddler's Alley and we talked to him for a few minutes about the area. Very laid back hippie who was happy to sit and chill as he manned his free cappachino stall.

I wanted to post a picture of a guy who was playing guitar in the park, but I guess I have not uploaded it yet. Oh well, it can wait for next time.
There is a railroad museum there as well. Not cheap to visit, but we may check it out next time we are in town. They had a bunch of equipment outside that I know my kids will love to play on! Gears are fascinating to Connor...I'm sure this will spark an entire round of construction.

Let me just say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE this green door. I can't wait for the perfect reason to head out there and shoot someone!

Speaking of things I love, Want to guess what I am currently in LOVE with? I can just see me using this on an amazing heart flutters when I think of all the fun I am going to have with this!
I saw this in the window of a Bike Shop called Bisbee Bicycle Brothel. It cracks me up but I saw this calling to me! The copper just drew me in.

Other things I'm drawn to are patterns and repeating lines. I love the look of stairs, fences and shadows...



A cool park had giant chessboards and other the stairs too!

Here is another picture of my partner in crime on the Save the 1000 step staircase...



and a few shots she snapped.
I love this..she saw these in an antique store that we peeked in.

I played with this picture when she came by to show me her shots....

And because I have been accused of not posting pictures of is one.
Patty_2010Jun05_3398 more, so I can show off my dorky side.


  1. I love photowalks! There is an awesome group here that does monthly photowalks and I'm way behind getting some of mine from the last 2 posted. I must get on that.

    Nice pictures. But I do not envy you the heat. AZ is one place I NEVER aspire to live.

  2. Cool pictures. You should take pictures of Maddie infront of the green door in one of her super cute outfits you always make her. I have never heard of a photowalk before, what a brilliant idea.


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