Saturday, February 13, 2010

Junie B. and Maddie (I'm a poet, doncha know it?)

Maddy is doing so well on her reading. She is at the stage where she is reading very well but still working on recall and comprehension.

We took a trip to the library and talked to the ever amazing Amy at the children's library for some book ideas. She watched Maddy fly through a few books and recommended the Junie B books. They are easy reading, but have more of a storyline and more detail while still having pictures and not being too overwhelming for a 5 year old.

So today we sat down and read the first two chapters of Junie B Jones and she LOVED it. I only planned on reading one chapter at first but she asked to keep going! Junie is a real character and I think that will make for entertaining discussions. I made a point of asking questions about what happened and how Maddy thought the characters felt after every few pages. I'm hoping that that will help her read the stories, not just the sentences!

I'm loving loving loving that she likes to sit and read. She is a true Stone! Matt and I are both readers, our families are both full of voracious readers and Connor is a book addict as well.

I know it sounds stupid, but seeing her so successful and enjoying this part of learning makes me feel happy and proud....I must be doing something right. That is important most of all when I see her crazy messy room!

I'm adding this picture as I'm editing for the book. I found this iphone picture of Maddy at the donut shop in her pajamas. I forget the actual reason, but I think it had something to do with recreating a scene from a book!

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