Friday, October 9, 2009

Congratulations to Pres. Obama.

Congratulations to Pres. Obama on the notable achievement of being nominated and receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.

Congratulations on this achievement, but I have to ask, while receiving this award is a great pat on the back to you, what did you actually DO to receive this?

What notable change did you wrought in the world stage that actually brought greater peace and stability to the world?

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I've only seen a lack of achievement from you so far. I have to say that I would appreciate you doing your job and serving the people of this nation, instead of traveling the globe in your "America is evil and It will all change now that I am here" speeches.

I don't agree with you on HOW or WHAT change should occur, but I"m really disappointed that you were given an award for work that you haven't actually done yet!

I don't want to burst your bubble but while the Nobel Peace Prize carries a lot of positive attention on the world stage, the dirty secret is that it's not really a great award after all.

Consider this, this accolade is often granted on the basis of unquantifiable contemporary opinion, usually after some political event.

The nominees are presented to the committee from biased Mr. Obama will share the honor with celebrities such as Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Unfortunately, others who have left a marked impression on the world with efforts towards peace are not included....Mahatma Gandhi, Corazon Aquino, Pope John XXIII, Pope John Paul II, Dorothy Day, Oscar Romero, Steve Biko, Raphael Lemkin, and Irena Sendler.

So maybe this award isn't such a notable achievement after all. You didn't actually DO anything to earn it, just talk, just words. And instead of sharing a legacy with those who actually DID things, you will have to hope that you can do something to live up to the lofty impression you have created for yourself.

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  1. If it is an award for "just talk, just words," then he wins hands-down. Congrats. Whoop-ti-do.


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