Sunday, May 17, 2009

catching up on life

So there are a lot of things that I've not blogged here is a quick recap.  Check my flickr for other pics...

Girl's Night Out Thanks to Becky, Sarah and Denise! They had 29 kids! We had a few hours of mom time. Alice, Mitchi, Janice, Tresa and me! Pedicures and Lunch.
mom's day out
mom's day out
the toes....

The best Mother's Day's gift....a child who is quiet in church.  I had to go take care of the Primary kids and while most people know me...I figured it wouldn't hurt to leave a note. The carnation is the Mother's Day flower that they passed out.
Mother's Day SundayMother's Day at Church

Diet Coke...Mentos and a Mom with a Camera

Here are a few of the pictures I took from that you see Beth with the camera.
Connors Party 9May09_00181Connors Party 9May09_00221

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  1. Haha. That is so funny that you left a note by Maddie! Before I really knew you, someone had handed her to me at church because they needed to go do something. I realized a few minutes later that I was carrying around someone's baby and I had NO idea who she belonged to! Someone different was always holding her. [She was super cute, everyone wanted their turn. :D] I just waited where I was and hoped that the right person would eventually claim her. Lol. Good memories.


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