Monday, February 2, 2009

You did WHAT?!?!?!

Pictures to be posted AFTER I'm done being furious.

Maddy cut her hair in the middle of the night becuase "it was in my way". Yup. She chopped her bangs off about an inch from her scalp. Right in front.

This is the same little girl that BEGGED to grow her bangs out. She pleaded to "not have bangs on my forehead" and told me that she wanted them to be "long like my cousin Emma". So we spent the last year growing them out and yesterday I thought, "gee they are starting to get long, another month and they will stay nicely in ponytails without having to use a mini rubber band to hold them in place." Now, well now I just have to decide if I want to strangle her or chop it all off.

She snuck out of bed last night and we caught her jsut as she went back into her room. She said something about going to the bathroom, so I thought nothing of it. This morning her closet light was on and the damage was done. She had hidden the scissors under her bed so I KNOW she knew she messed up.

I DID spank her. I even made her throw the scissors away. Now I just have to decide if I want to give up. 1/2 the time she loves long hair and tells me how wonderful it is to have such pretty hair. Then there are days like today where I wonder if she would be better off with a "Maya" cut. (For non-Killeen folk, that's a short bob like her friend Maya)

I took this picture during my last 365. (I'll be starting up again soon Julie, so keep watching!)
Will she do it? 91/365


  1. Oh no! Good luck with that decision. She has such pretty hair.

  2. OH no!!! That is one of my worst fears!!!! I think she would look darling with a bob.

  3. holy cow, I'm glad you freaked out cuz I totally would have. I would go with chop it, then if she wants to grow it out it can grow out all together at one time and not have bangs - until they grow even with the bob.

    6 kidney that sucks..I'm thinking I'd trade 6 k.s. for 2 babies though!


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