Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Valentine's gift from my DH-he doens't even know about it!

I won a year's supply of brewed chocolate from Cabaret Brewed Chocolate! It was all because of my wonderful husband.

I entered a contest where you had to write your best Valentine's Day story. I didn't really think I'd win, but I love how he did this for me...

I know this will probably embarrass him, but I hope he doesn't' mind too much! A few deployments ago, he sent me an entire box of little kid valentines. You know, the kind that kids give on Valentine's day?

Well, I don't see this kind very often now, but they were the kind where every one had it's own envelope that you licked and sealed shut. He wrote something sweet on EVERY SINGLE CARD. Not "I love you" but something different on each one.

It took weeks for me to open all of them. I opened one or two a day and they were all fantastic.

One of my favorites was the one where he joked about throwing a pine cone at me. Remember when you were a kid? Boys didn't just tell girls that they liked, they threw pine cones at them or pulled their braids!

So that small gift from years ago is still a special memory for me...and it's still paying out with happy thoughts and a year's supply of chocolate! (Just in time to get me through this deployment!) I'll let you know if it's good!

*PS-N-I ran spellcheck just for you!


  1. aahh that is so cute! I wish Preston could take lessons from Matt about being romantic! Yay for chocolate and a year supply!

  2. So when they say year much do they plan you are going to eat each day? And if you run out because you eat more in a day will they send you more?

    Cute story!!!!!


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