Thursday, January 29, 2009

Proud of my boy....

You can tell he is a photographer's kid

Connor cracks me up. He saw me coming and posed like this before I could get the camera up!

He was being honored at his school for Perfect Attendance (go me!) and Straight A's. Woo Hoo! I'm so proud of my little guy; he really is thriving at this school.  He has worked hard and done a great job!

Even though he has put in over 60 hours of drive time so far, (I have double that!!) I am so glad that I made the tough choice to put him in a different school. Although, I may not have realized just how great it is if we hadn't had such a poor experience the last few years.

He has an amazing teacher and a supportive administration, But it's more than that, the entire teaching team works together to challenge each child and give them more than just the bare minimum. He's been continuously encouraged to actively think and try new things. He was already getting used to his last school's habit of limiting innovation and teaching to accomplish only the minimum requirements.  This has beeen a growing year for him!

He has been working on multiplication/division, story problems and graphing in Math. Reading  "Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing"(and writing chapter summaries which he isn't thrilled with). He hates to write, but loves to read, so we are really working on that aspect, but it's encouraging to see all the ways Mrs. Adams finds for him to develop personal responsibility, and deal with his hatred of putting pen to paper!  He's had to write several biographies and present a few projects to the class. 

That's another thing I am so so grateful for. His teacher is the Relief Society President. (That's the women's organization at my church).  She has known us since before he was born, she believes in the same things I do and has the same perspective on life.  I am so blessed to have her as my son's teacher this year.  I can't say that enough.  It has been a blessing for me to know her and have her teach my son.


  1. yay! I was always embarrassed as I got older for getting perfect attendance. Good for you driving him to school everyday! Oh and I still need your email so I can add you to my blog reading list...

  2. Ooh, I want my son to go to THAT school! But I think we'd have to log a few more driving/flying hours to get there. Yay Connor! Yay Dana! You have worked hard! Super Awesome Wonderful.

  3. Congrats. Sister Adams is still RS pres? That is awesome. Tell her Hi for me and that I love her and miss her (as for everyone in Texas)


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