Monday, January 5, 2009

A dinner success!

As a mom, I have learned that my kids are picky eaters.  Not all the time, but they are understandably drawn to McD's, Mac-n-cheese and peanut butter sandwiches.  I'm really trying to cook healthy and yummy food that they will actually eat.

Way too often, Matt and I eat "adult food" and then give the kids something we know they will eat just because we wanted to eat stuff that they didn't enjoy and didn't want to face the whining.

But today I made a winner.  Both kids declared this dinner delicious and super yummy!  Woo Hoo!

We had baked sweet potatoes and "pop" peas (edamame-that is always a winner because it's a finger play food!) .  I also made a Chicken and Apple Skillet that was sweet and tangy and a big success!   I used 2 chicken breasts, chopped up instead of big pieces of chicken so it's a budget friendly dish too!

This just thrilled me.  I love it when things go well.  Now if only my Christmas Decorations would put themselves away!

Check out my other blog...The Spaghetti Mistake for the recipie!


  1. Yea, I fix two dinners nearly every night. One for the kids, one for us. Some nights I try to enforce the whole "you will eat what I made" thing and it always ALWAYS ends up with all of us crying! Sometimes I wonder if kids are naturally picky, or if I've done something to create these little monsters!

  2. thanks for the heads up of what I have to look forward too! :-)

  3. Ooh, I'm going to borrow that idea, thanks! We've got the same frustrations over here, and so often I just end up eating the simple things that the kids prefer. So I'll pass your recipes along to my husband, aka the only person in our household who likes to cook. P.S. Awhile ago we tried the crockpot recipe from your other blog, the one with the peanut butter, salsa, chicken etc. I was drawn by your statement, "Does it GET any easier?!" :) It's yummy. But of course the kids opted to eat something else. Ingrates.


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