Saturday, November 22, 2008

Since I was uploading anyway.....

This is a completly random post about a bunch of stuff. I wanted to upload a picture from my cell phone and I figured I'd load some more fun stuff up too.

In no particular order.....Today we went to Olive Garden for lunch.  Connor and Maddy loved the fact the cheese pizza was very very cheesy.  Check them out!

Next up.  A photo of Madeline playing in Lake Superior on Aug 1st.  It was the morning of my baby sister Julia's wedding and we were "having an adventure".  It made me miss living in the UP.  I miss clear, clean water and the beauty of the north.  (But I don't miss the cold!)

And here is my love with his brothers. A great group of guys......I love 'em!

Maddy likes to dress up and pretend. She spent a week as a bunny. She would even hop through the school to pick up Connor. She has gone to school as a princess, a fairy, a bunny, Little Red Riding Hood, a ghost and a secret agent.

Just for the fun of love and his GTO. 'nuff said. He is hot and his car is cool. (BTW, that reminds should go see Twighlight.-Sorry Janice!)

Allison and Maddy from last summer....they are good friends...actually, I think the phrase was "bestest of all friends".  Of course, Maddy says that about Maya and Sophia too!

Maddy's birthday was yesterday.  I'll be posting pictures, but since I was uploading some other stuff from my cell phone, here is this.  She was so tired after the party that she passed out in the car when we went to get Connor from school!

And in other good news.....I won the Chipotle's Weekly drawing for 10 burritos!  Janice, Trish and Christina were there to help me rejoice, so they are automatically invited to a girl's night out next week.  (Dinner is on me!)   If you want to come, there are 5 burritos left.  Leave a comment to reserve your deliciousness!


  1. Well, it's a little far to drive just for a Burrito, but thanks for the invite. Oh, and congrats!

  2. you CANNOT leave me out of that one!

  3. Thanks Dana for being discreet. All the pictures are so cute.

  4. I'm offended I have to leave a comment to get on your list. No more trips to Costco for you.

  5. This is how you invite me? You can take me to Costco Becky!

  6. Your kids are absolutely gorgeous! Celeste lives in her dress-up clothes too. Cute pics!


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