Sunday, October 19, 2008

How can it look so easy?

I have been accused of being a little bit crazy sometimes. I confess, it's true.

But when I saw this picture I was hooked. What a crazy fun idea!

Imagine opening your lunchbox and seeing your lunch staring back at you?! How fun is that?
The pictures on the site make it look oh so easy. She has perfectly lined up little candy eyeballs and says, "A whole month of fun for LESS than an hour of work."

So of course, I HAVE to try it. But I'm not a frosting/decorating type of person. I don't have a frosting decorator thingy-I just use a plastic bag with the corner cut out. I did want to do this "right" so I bought a cheap one (mistake #1) and some merengue powder.

It is tricky. If it's too thick, your hands get tired really fast. If it's too thick, your cheap decorating bag thing will split and break....getting quick drying frosting all over your hands.

I followed the directions, but 3 cups of frosting is a LOT. I finally quit and said that I had enough. If you try it....and you are like me, a non-cake decorating type of person....beware.

My lumpy eyeballs are not nearly as cool looking but I'm sure the kids won't mind.

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  1. That is really cool! Did you do all those?!?

    I love the idea, but there is no way I'd be able to do it after your describing the experience. Cake decorating is NOT a talent of mine!


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