Monday, September 29, 2008

Scary Moment......

I had a REALLY scary moment this morning. Many of you know that I drive Connor to school 20 min across town. I was so amazingly tired this morning that I was seriously considering stopping at Sonic for an extra large Dr. Pepper... I was feeling the need for caffiene. But my cheapskate side was awake and I decided to just head home and take a quick (very very quick) catnap before preschool started.

I was stopped at the stoplight at Willowsprings...It's a longish red stop and suddenly I realized that I had FALLEN ASLEEP! That's right, I dozed off for a split second while waiting for the light to turn. It couldn't have been very long because the light was still red, but it scared the daylights out of me.

So I drove the rest of the way home and took a 40 minute nap. I figured that I needed that more than I needed to mop the floors. I think that preschool kids dont' care about floors. And my lifesaver Amie, brought me a diet Pepsi to help me stay awake. (Thanks BTW)

I guess I need to get more sleep or something!


  1. Wow, scary! Could you possibly be prego? That was always how I knew... I would get so exhausted, that I could hardly function. Thank goodness for good friends. :) Way to go Aime!

  2. That would be totally scary! I am glad you woke up and still had your foot on the brake!

    btw, cell phone story freakin hilarious! what happened, did you find it?

  3. Bless your heart, Dana!

    That is very scary! You need an earlier bedtime. :p


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