Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How motherhood makes you worry about everything.

So here she is on the first day of preschool getting her favorite snack....homemade bread.

I noticed that while she is adorable, she is awfully scrawny looking here. Her latest growth spurt was mostly in her legs, but her little baby tummy is gone again. The dress I made does fit but it hangs in such a way that she looks thinner than normal.

So I suppose she can carb up all she wants. I try to get her to eat lots of healthy stuff but she is obviously over her most recent growth spurt. She is eating teeny tiny amounts again. I might start buying "real" milk again.

I'm torn about how I feel about her. I'm glad that she is tiny because she is not likely to suffer embarassment about being a "big girl" like I did. But then when I see pictures like this, I wonder if I should start feeding her more....she looks like a lollipop.

Remember a few years ago? Hollywood was full of scrawny, starving stars that had heads bigger than their bodies! The lollipop look was everywhere.

Maddy's head has always been big in relation to her tiny body and her hair only emphasises the difference....but sometimes, I worry that she is too skinny!


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