Friday, July 11, 2008

Your Prize...even if you haven't been playing along.....

Go get yourself a FREE SLURPEE on me! (ok, it's free for everyone and I'm not really paying for it)

But today is 7/11's birthday and they are celebrating will free slurpies! Enjoy!

Random factoids....
7/11 was created in 1927...81 years ago.

Slurpees were named in 1967. They had been out for 2 years with no name before that point.

There are more 7/11s in California than in any other state.

7/11 is based in Dallas,Texas. Go TEXAS!

There are 7,600 7-Eleven stores in North America.

There are more than 34,300 stores in 14 countries.

Go get a slurpee!


  1. Thanks for the reminder, but I have to say it. Kind of la-mo! ha ha. well good job tricking us all! :-) Darn, I thought I was getting that dress! lol

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  3. Pina-colada slurpees are the only true slurpee flavor! It's what I crave when I'm pregnant. And the taste always brings back good memories of summers past.


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