Friday, November 16, 2012

Connor is thankful for....

Connor just brought home a Thankful letter that he wrote at school.

I am most thankful for....
My mom, because she helps and supports me.
My dad, becuase he cares.
My sister, because she is a brat and teaches me tolerance.
Cookies, because they taste awesome.
Grandparents, because they are kind.
Dogs, because they are fun and soft.
Nature, for it gives us curiosity and amazement.
God for giving me life.
Pie, because it rocks.
For my life, because it means I exist.
Earth, for solid footing.
Races, to have a chance to compete.
Exhaustion, so I don't overwork.
School, to learn.
Teachers, to help learning along.
My fish, because he is friendly.

I'm kind of excited that he gave me a hug and pointed out that I was number 1 on his list.

I'm thankful for my son.  He rocks.

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