Friday, December 24, 2010

I watched the kids drink apple cider and talk about how much fun they had today, so I grabbed my camera.

And since they are photographer's children, this is what I got.

And then they wanted to pose a bit.....making a toast...

Showing me how delicious the cider was......

But then they calmed down for a minute.

Would you look at those eyelashes?  I'm jealous of my own I just want to hug him.

Maddy had to show off one of the nativities and rearrange all the pieces.

I'm glad that she still likes this set. I made it for the kids when Connor was little so he could have one that was safe to touch. It is pretty popular with visitors as well.

And boy tries to be cool and aloof, 

But then he decides that he's still my cute little boy.

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