Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In Between

Maddie is 5 and amazing. I know that she is growing up and I see it in her everyday. As much as I want her to be my baby a little bit longer, the signs are there....she is growing up so fast.

She likes to listen to music on the radio. She likes to ride her bike. She loves to read and has discovered Junie B Jones books. She is enthusiastic about so many things and wants to be a big kid. She was embarrassed when she was walking in the "big kid" 2nd grade hallway upstairs this morning at school.
But yet she is still my little girl. This morning she decided that she needed to wear some floppy bunny ears to school. She loves her science lab teacher who calls her "honey bunny" and wanted to be a bunny for her. She hopped around the house all weekend and all the way to the car this morning.
I'm glad that even though she wants to be grown up, she still has some time left as my little girl. I know this age won't last forever and I know I'll love the next stage too.....but I'm happy that she has bunny ears.

And a bonus pic...this is what I see on my Mac everyday..


  1. my 5 year old is already "too cool" I tried to get him to be thing 1 at school for dr. seuss's birthday (sans the blue hair, of course) and he was mortified by the idea.


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