Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trapeze Baby!

My baby, the one I agonized about letting go to public preschool, the one I think is so tiny and small....I let her fly on the Trapeze today.

That's right. I let her fly on the trapeze.

She has talked about it for years, but always in the "one day when I'm a big kid, I want to fly"

Today, she was antsy and begging to go on the practice bar. She was pretty confident and fooled around for a min before asking to get down.

So I was a bit suprised when she asked if she could fly on the "big bar". She asked several times throughout class, so I got permission for her to try it out at the end of class. (I'm not paying big bucks for a 4 year old to try trapeze and have her refuse to go up more than once)

She made it 1/2 way up before she got scared of the height. But it's a ONE WAY ladder. Once you go up, you go ALL the way up. It's too dangerous to climb down for a little kid. So up we went. She was pretty nervous until she got to the top.

"She looked down." (brownie points if you know what movie that line is from.)
AND THEN she freaked out. Tears and sobbing. I felt HORRIBLE. Did I push her into this? I know she WANTED to go, but still. My baby is terrified!

But then she grabbed the bar and swung out. She stopped crying until the guy on lines jerked her to a stop (jerk!) and scared her again. But when she let go and bounced in the net, she was fine. She flipped out with considerable help and made all my worries disappear when she said,
"So next time I go, I'm not going to cry. That was FUN!"

My rockin' cool baby girl. At bedtime she told me. "I was scared of being too high, but now I know my belt is on so I will be safe. It was fun. My favoritest part was when I bounced in the net! I was swinging front and back and front and back and that was AWESOME!" (in reality, she only had 1/2 a swing but her mind she flew more.

So now I REALLY NEED a DAYTIME class. I will go broke if I have to pay for me, my son AND my daughter when I fly....unless someone wants to sponsor us? Volunteers?

Here is the full length video...

Here is a short clip if  you don't want to watch the whole thing....
Just be aware that she is crying in the video....I feel bad enough about letting her cry, but dang it, you have to come down even if you are scared.  You can't stay up forever.


  1. Ooh! Way to go Maddie! At our rig the min age is 6, she is so amazing! I teared up when I watched the video, tears from a fellow mommy.


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