Tuesday, January 13, 2009

$ facts

Did you know that more young adults go bankrupt than graduate from college?

Colleges are reporting that more students drop out due to credit card debt problems than from academic failure.

(stats quoted by Dave Ramsey on Financial Peace University)

That's something to think about.   And on a positive note, mortagage companies will lower rates, suspend late payments, stop forclosure etc for deployed soldiers.   But the best company is USAA (imo) they will lower your interest to 4%.  Yeah, 4%.  I wish I had USAA.


  1. Thanks for sharing since we're hoping to buy a house wherever we get stationed next!

  2. I love Dave Ramsey and USAA. And neener neener neener, I got in on the free class, too bad, you could've come over and watched them with me. Hey, what are you doing tomorrow during preschool? Are you on facebook?


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