Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a wonderful time at the ward trunk or treat. Connor was one of many Harry Potters, but I think he was the cutest one!  Maddy was adorable as Little Red Riding Hood.  Mom made an adorable costume and Becky suprised us with a bunch of bright red bows that morning!

My favorite part of the night is when my costume came true!  I wore wings and a tag that said, "Need cash?  Ask me about my payment plan!"  The big pliers were the best part.  The kids all realized that I was the Tooth Fairy right away.  I kept teasing them...promising a dollar to the first kid to let me pull a tooth...telling them to eat more candy to their teeth would rot!  There were a few kids who were tempted but nobody was brave enough...until Chole ran up!  She actually lost her tooth on her own a few moments before....but she played along with me and gave me her tooth.  She wanted that dollar!  All the other kids fell for it and thought that I really was pulling teeth! 

We only went to 2 houses for trick or treating, but the first house was 100% decorated and enthusiastially manned by 6 people.    The kids had fun and we managed to make it home without too much junk food!

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  1. awesome! I would never have thought of something that creative to be!


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