Friday, October 3, 2008

Blog of Shame

I couldn't decide what to title this blog.

Blog of Shame...

I was going to deep clean anyway...

It's just motivation for organizing...

I'm sorry...

Um. This is really hard to say. Maddy has lice.

EWWWWWW. Cringe. Gross.
Yeah. That is one thing that I NEVER wanted to have to say. So if your child has been near my child...I am so so so sorry.

She was exposed a few weeks ago and I would have thought that she was in the clear by now, but this morning I found 2 lice in her hair. So no trip to Austin to fly on the trapeze. I had to spend the morning doing the following.

Not creeping out every time I had an itch.

Going to Walmart to buy something to get rid of the creepy crawley little bugs (yeah, freaking myself out again. I have GOT to stop thinking about it so much)

Calling Amie and Becky with the extremely mortifying call of shame while at Walmart.

Calling Amie and Becky again for advice on what toxic or semi-toxic or non-toxic treatment to buy and whether they will work. (I don't want to do this again in a week!)

Go to Amie's to help her stop creeping out. Confirm that she had an itch...not lice. Give her a box of treatment and a fancy comb just in case.

Go home. Opt for the olive oil treatment. Coat my daughter's way-to-long hair in olive oil and cover it with plastic.

Wait. Try to to freak out when I have to scratch my cheek. Tell myself that I'm not covered in bugs.

Plant her in front of Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

Comb out her way-to-long hair bit by bit. Start the movie over.

Recomb her hair again just to be sure that I didn't miss any. Find 2 lice and some eggs. Recomb every strand just to double check again.

Start the movie over again. Spot check. Wait a few minutes for any devious creepy crawlies to come out of hiding. Check again. Comb a few spots just to be sure.

Give her a bath. Shampoo twice.

Tell her she did a good job getting a "Princess Hairdo" (Don't mention the L word) Go to find the promised popsicle for her holding so still.

Stress out because the popsicles are NOT frozen. Move the freezer to fiddle with the plug. Realize the electrical outlet is not working and find an extension cord to run from the garage to the laundry room. Give girl yogurt instead.

Stress out.

Start vacumning her room. Wash sheets, move bed, Lysol mattress (still in plastic, thank goodness) Start washing all her toys and stress out some more.

Finally decide to post the blog of shame.



  1. Aww that stinks!! My boys got it a few yrs ago and I just shaved their little heads lol
    Im itching right now... I hate lice

  2. I'm not freaking out yet, I did find that purple hat and hid it from my girls, Ali swears she never put it on. I need to vacumn my car, but she did use a high back car seat, right? (my head itches)

  3. these are the types of situations that make me want to never send my kids to public school, EVER. But I am so not the type to home school, either. So I guess we'll have to take our chances.

  4. Good thing Isabella doesn't have any hair, LOL!!

    Bless your heart, I know dealing with that can not be fun.

    My kids haven't had their turn with it yet, but when I was little my best friend and I passed it back and forth for like an entire summer. Ugh!


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