Saturday, October 25, 2008

7 am

7 am. That's all I ask for. I just want to sleep in till 7 am.


But once again, on the one morning that I even have a chance of reaching that distant goal....I'm woken up.

It's always something new.

Today a little girl stood at my bed at 6 am...."Mommy, I threw up on the couch."

Can I please get a break? Please?

At least she isn't "really" sick. She did this last year too. She gets a runny nose when the weather changes...refuses dinner one night and then spends all night sniffling....perfect recipie for upset stomach. I think she threw up on the couch that time too. Sigh.

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  1. I so know the feeling!

    I didn't watch a lot of Everybody Loves Raymond but one episode that I did watch Debra and Ray went on a vacation just the two of them and Debra kept trying to plan all these fun things for them to do. Finally Ray said he just wanted to take a nap. Debra said "really? I've wanted a nap since Allie was born. (their oldest child.)" We now quote that line all the time around here because I SO feel that way!!!

    Okay, that was a LONG comment. sorry. :)


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