Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So I'm raising an Ax Murderer....

On the way home from school today, Connor announced that he wanted a microscope for Christmas (hint hint Grandparents...). We had a fun talk about what he could look at with said scope.

He started out by suggesting a really small pebble and then talked about how if he looked at a drop of water he would see germs and molecules and the strong men who held them together (I think he was taking an analogy a bit too far...but that's another story.)

I suggested that we could look at a drop of blood. I was teasing him a bit but he jumped on the idea. He was adamant that we could not stick him. I asked him where he would get the blood, thinking that he was going to ask me to give him a drop of my blood.

But no.

He had another idea.

"I know how we could get some blood Mom! We could KILL something!!!!"

"Um, like a mosquito?"

"No Mom (insert eye roll here) It would be too hard to squish just one mosquito. We could KILL A BURGLAR!!!!! Then we could take his blood and look at it!"

"um. ..um....ummm. Maybe that's not such a good idea."

"No, Mom. It's a GREAT idea. (He is really getting into this now....) We are killing a bad guy and that's a good thing AND I get blood to look at!"

"um. um..." At this point my brain shuts down in panic mode. If anyone asks, I'll just say, "He was always such a nice boy."


  1. LOL yep he's gonna be a handful

  2. lol I totally wish I could have seen your face during this conversation!

  3. At least he wants to pick off the bad guys right??? You could go for the super hero self defense line too :) lol

  4. LOL, Dana, that's messed up!

    Haha. You can't argue with his logic, though!

  5. Um, yea. That's a bit disturbing. What do ya do?

    In totally different news, I know you were looking for a good bread recipe. My aunt has one over at her blog that's not for a bread maker. And it is supposed to raise and bake all in under an hour!

    check it out here


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