Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I love my insurance company!

I love love love my insurance company.

This is coming after a few days of generalized irritation with same company. (mostly because of my laziness-not them)

Some punk kid shot the back of my van with a bb gun. The paint was chipped and it started to rust. I procrastinated dealing with it till someone shot a bb gun and broke the tail light! Grrrr.

So I called the insurance company and they wanted me to get it appraised. So I'd need to make an appointment. I hate being forced to make appointments so I said I'd just do a walk in at the shop.

Turns out the shop DID NOT work with my insurance even though they had assured me over the phone that they did. 1 hour wasted.


So then I was back on the phone with the insurance, making an appointment and they didn't have any for 4 days. So I took a chance and called the shop they DID have on their list. They wanted me to wait till after USAA confirmed the appointment. So I drove in and called the insurance company while they wrote the appraisal.

They also agreed to do a safety inspection (mine expired in FEB! Eeek!) and an oil change for $15. Not a bad deal at all! They let me drive home, unload the kids and then they drove it back. No waiting for a ride or calling a friend.

The down side was that because the damage occured on 2 separate days....I have 2 claims and 2 deductables. EEEEK!

But just a few minutes ago a really nice, ENGLISH SPEAKING guy called from the insurance company to tell me that they had all my paperwork and would be paying the repair guys. He was so nice and asked why I didn't claim the tail light. I explained that it was just a hair under my deductable so it wouldn't have an insurance payment. I said that I didn't think that 2 bb gun incidents a week apart should be separate claims and he said he would talk to his boss.

I just got a call that they will combine the claims and cover the taillight! WOO HOO!!!!! I Love love this guy and the insurance company!


  1. I recommend my auto insurance company to everybody because every time I have called I speak to somebody who speaks fluent English. It's nice. Plus they also happened to be cheapest, and that's nice, too. AND I can do just about EVERYTHING online. Also nice. I love Progressive. (they should pay me to advertise for them!)

  2. Okay I *may* have exagerated for the purposes of this's been quite a while actually...I DID say I procrastinate!


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